Meet Abby

Abby formal photo

Name: Abby
Major: Marketing
Year in school: Senior
Length of time worked at UMD Career & Internship Services: Since January 2011!
Favorite place in Duluth: Probably 7 Bridges Road. It is a nice drive. I also love the lake walk in the summer. You can’t beat it!
Favorite book/movie/musical artist: Ugh. For real don’t have one.
Best career advice you’ve received: Do what makes you happy. Find your passions and follow them!
Piece of career advice you have for other students: Start early! Research everything you’re interested in. Majors, industries, companies, everything. Know exactly what you want to do by the end of your sophomore year and then start branding yourself.
Anything else you want to add: School rules. Get involved. I am president of Beta Lambda Psi, a local social sorority. TA for 2 sections of UMD Seminar. StrengthsQuest rocks.

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