Choosing a Major: How Management Chose Me

By: Andrew

We all have to do it and it isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do. For some people, it is as easy as thinking of what we love. For other people, it is an endless saga that seems to have no end in sight. I was fortunate to have the first instance occur for me.

I am a now a junior at UMD and am majoring in Organizational Management, and most recently added a second major in Finance. I mentioned that choosing a major can be as easy as doing what you love. Doing what you love seems like a never-ending cliché. The fact of the matter is that Management and Finance are what I love.

I started my senior year of high school thinking I wanted to be a doctor, like I could be a doctor. I could barely tell you what the bones in the body are, let alone tell you why I would even enjoy being a doctor. The middle of the first quarter of school came around and I was really enjoying my Marketing Strategies class (insert epiphany here). It all of the sudden clicked: business was what I loved. It made so much sense, it was so practical, and best of all, it was fun.

Management Says: I choose you!

People ask, “Why do you like business?”, why Management to be exact. It’s an easy and long answer, so here it is! Managers get the best job in an organization because; they oversee everything, they lead, they teach, they learn, they represent the business and the brand, they help people reach their potential, they touch all facets of the business, they bring people together, you see this could go for a while. To sum it up, they get to do it all, whether if the daily task is business as usual or an unexpected event. From the day’s beginning to end they work with people. I love helping others, which is why I love Management.

As I said in the title, “Choosing a Major: How Management Chose Me,” I didn’t choose Management. I never had to search for what I love, because I always knew it was there, I just had to realize it. Choosing a major doesn’t have to be a long search, but all you need to do is think of what you love to do. We all have that one passion that we can’t get enough of, mine is helping and working with people.

I’m not saying that the major for your college career will finally appear in your mind overnight, but that you should be able to get a fairly good idea of what it is by just thinking of what you enjoy doing. But hey, if you’re really stumped, here are three awesome assessments that can lead you in the right direction for choosing a major:

  • Strong Interest Inventory (confirmed my Management major decision)
  • StrengthsQuest
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

The assessments are $15 at Career & Internship Services (that’s a big discount FYI) and come with a meeting with a Career Counselor (that’s a nice bonus) to discuss your results.

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