Find Your Passion, Find Your Career

By: Ashley

Are you undecided? Are you questioning if your major is really the right one for you? Maybe you’re wondering how to decide what the right path really is for you. The best advice I can give, and possibly the advice anyone would give you, is to figure out what you’re passionate about. I was reading an article on called The Four P’s of Career Satisfaction by Sarah Baicker and was like “you know, she’s right.” Baiker talks about some steps that can help you find a fulfilling career that you fit in and that you would be happy doing. These steps, the four P’s, are passion, place, people, and pay. By knowing what makes you feel good and gets you fired up, and knowing the people and places you feel most comfortable around as well as feeling like you are making a salary that can satisfy your lifestyle all make finding the right career path much clearer.

To achieve these steps there are several things UMD provides that can help you figure out all four of your own P’s. Here are a few things you can do to figure out what’s right for you:

These are just a few things that can help you find out where you feel like you belong, who you like being around, and mainly what kinds of things you enjoy doing. Trust me; you won’t regret using any of these services. What do you have to lose by using them? For learning about job shadowing and internships come down to our office in SCC 22 and ask questions, there will always be someone in the office that can help you. We also help with resumes and have drop-in hours in our office every Tuesday and Wednesday (2-4pm), feel free to pop in.

Overall I guess what I am trying to say is if you have doubts or you feel worried about where you’re headed, ask questions and take action. Find your passion; it’s not going to find you!

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