Restorative: A Strength in Problem Solving

By: Cody [Achiever | Adaptability | Futuristic | Includer | Restorative]

You have just taken the CliftonStrengths for Students assessment and found out one of your strengths is Restorative. If you are like me, you may be thinking, “What the heck is that?” or “Is restorative even a real word?” or “Am I supposed to be good at restoring things, like antiques?” First off, to be clear, it is not a made-up word (you can look it up in the dictionary) and you are close when thinking you are good at restoring things, you just need to think about it in a broader sense.

CliftonStrengths for Students - Restorative

Restorative means enjoying the challenge of analyzing problems, identifying what is wrong and then finding a solution to the problem. You enjoy discovering problems and feel a great sense of accomplishment once you solve those problems. The types of problems you prefer to solve, whether they are practical, personal, or conceptual, can depend on your other strengths and preferences. Knowing what types of problems you like to solve can help you apply it to your career goals.

Personally, I like to find useful solutions to practical problems. I think of practical problems as problems that occur in tasks that people do every day. For example, this past summer I had an internship at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. One day my boss was talking to me about the numerous spreadsheets and forms she had to sort through every week for the weekly audit meeting. I viewed this as a problem that had to have some sort of solution. So I spent the next few days designing and formatting a form that would compile all of the necessary information into one simple form. My boss loved the new form and still uses it today (I even got a free lunch out of the deal!). This is just one real-life example of how I have used my restorative strength to help me along my career path.

Now how do you apply this restorative strength to your career path?

First, I would research jobs and career paths that involve a lot of problem-solving. This may include interviewing various people from different jobs to see exactly what they do. Try to find jobs or career paths that tailor to your specific types of problems you like to solve, either practical, personal or conceptual. Secondly, once you land that perfect job, take the initiative to find problems and solve them. Search for problems around your office and try to devise creative solutions to solve them. This will definitely impress your boss and put you on the fast track to a promotion!

For a strength that most people do not understand at first, restorative can be a great asset for you on career journey. So go and embrace your inner restorativeness and achieve your dreams!

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