How Can Career & Internship Services Help With Your Resume?

By: Justine

One of our offices’ specialties is our expertise in resumes. When creating a resume, your ultimate goal is to organize and create a representation of your experiences in a way that will make an employer see you are qualified for a position and want to consider you for that position. There are many ways our office can help you in creating and perfecting your resume and it can be confusing which method you should take advantage of. To clarify and to make your resume feedback experience time efficient, I will explain the purpose and instances in which you would use each of our resume resources.

How can Career and Internship Services help with your resume? Two women looking at computer

Resume Drop-In Hours: This is a great opportunity for those that already created a resume and viewed our Career Handbook and are looking for feedback or have specific questions. Both Peer Educators and Career Counselors will be available during these hours and service is provided on a first-come-first-served basis. These drop-in hours are scheduled every Tuesday and Wednesday (when classes are in session) 2:00-4:00pm in our office, Solon Campus Center 22.

Peer Review: If resume drop-in hours don’t fit into your busy schedule you can get the same walk-in feedback from one of our Peer Educators during the day. Since our office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00-4:30, there’s bound to be a time that will fit into your schedule.

Submit your resume online: This option offers even more flexibility to the typical busy college student or alum when it’s not always convenient to visit us on-campus. You are able to submit your resume by email with a Resume Request Form. Your resume will be reviewed by a Peer Educator or Career Counselor. When completed, your resume will be emailed back to you and/or be available for pick up in our office. Even though this option is very convenient it does have the disadvantage of no face-to-face interaction with the reviewer to explain their critiques or ask you questions for clarification. If you have a lot of questions or need explanations on how to do things, consider using one of our other in-person resources.

Counselor Review: This is the advanced resource for those who have already created a resume and received feedback from Peer Educator and are looking to further fine-tune your content. During the appointment, the counselor will help tailor your resume and its content to a specific position or opportunity you are looking at. To make an appointment you can call or come into our office and find a time that fits into your schedule. Prior to coming for your appointment, you will be asked to send a version of your resume so that the counselor can be prepared to make the best use of your appointment time.

Don’t be afraid to become familiar with our office and fully use all of the above resources for your resume. Resume writing is a continuous process and the resume should be fully customized and updated for each new position you send it to. This can be an overwhelming task and that’s why we’re here to help along the way!

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