Self-Assurance: Don’t Worry, I’ve Got My Back

By: Andrew [Achiever|Command|Focus|Strategic|Self-Assurance]

We have all had a person in our lives that we look to for advice and inspiration, but we are college students now. Does that mean our mentors have become obsolete? No. However, we can all take a look at ourselves and know that we are capable of being independent, self-reliable, and self-assured.

Self-Assurance is all about being confident in yourself and being confident about the daily decisions that you make. Further, decision-making does not intimidate someone who has this strength, even if the decision you come to is part of the minority. (Source)

List of strengths, Self-assurance in green

Surprisingly to myself, Self-Assurance is not even my top strength, it is my fifth. I have never been one that has been told to go do something and I have always been a self-motivated, independent person for a long time. My first “real” job was working at Taco Bell when I was 16. I had been 16 for a month and asked my parents if they could take me over to Taco Bell to apply for a job. By the end of May, I was working one day a week and one day every weekend. I felt that working was what I was supposed to do, no one told me to get a job, but I did not see the fun in sitting at home watching the summer pass by with minimal structure to it.

I really enjoyed this job, which reaffirms my Self-Assurance strength. My friends never made fun of me for the job I had, but they liked to poke fun at the fact that I was working fast food in a city where there were certainly more lucrative jobs to be found. Why work a higher paying job though? I lived with my parents, so no rent to be paid, no utilities, groceries were paid for, and so on and so forth. Clearly, money was never a factor in choosing this job, but working with great people and serving hundreds of people every day was a ton of fun. This entire point kind of comes back to the whole “do what you love and never work a day in your life” sayings. Never let others tell you what you like or why you should do something. You know you best, so choose for yourself.

Maybe you like to change what other people think, which is completely fine. Self-Assurance says that you can use your already solid beliefs to persuade and influence others, but do so with facts. We can all make stuff up off the top of our head, but persuasion is a strategic and calculated effort to tell others why you think you are right. If you are good at this, may I recommend being a salesperson to you?

Lastly, I will say that Self-Assurance is great for being a leader, but if you are reading this and are already self-assured, I probably did not just blow your mind with this statement. Self-Assurance is great for leaders because leaders have to make executive and final decisions, for better or for worse. Being self-assured allows one to get excited about their decision, but to also be able and ready to take any of the backlash of a bad decision.

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