Modern Menswear

By: Annie

When it comes to dressing professionally for men, it can be much easier to distinguish what is, and what is not, appropriate as compared to women’s wear (see Professional vs. Casual: Dress for Ladies).  To make this easier, I’ll keep my words brief. Scroll down for a summary of menswear basics, a diagram, an infographic, and some pictures to help you find your professional style!

From Ditto & Co, for the college student, or recent graduate, whose main concern is to look professional and land that job or internship, the most important things to know include the following two key things.

1. Invest in the basics of a professional wardrobe:

  • 2-3 ties
  • Lose the backpack
  • A pair of slacks-that fit!
  • Dress shoes
  • 1 white spread-collar shirt and 1 solid white button-down
  • 1 blue spread-collar shirt and 1 solid blue button-down

2. Present a well-groomed appearance

  • Iron your clothes
  • Get a haircut – at least 1 week before a job fair or an interview
  • Clean hands and nails
  • Shave (even during November!)

Source: The Art of Manliness (or found on our Pinterest board)

Source: (or found on our Pinterest board)

Source: Gallant-Thame

Any Neal Caffrey fans? He is an excellent example for dressing professional!

Source: fanpop

Some of the resources in this post, and many more, can be found on Career Services’ Pinterest board, Dressing for Success – Men. This board is a great resource for more knowledgeable sources on modern menswear!

Also, check out these websites for more:

P.S. Do you know your knots?

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