Services for Veterans

By: Taylor

The Career & Internship Services office is so proud of the troops who serve our country. More specifically, we are thankful for our students, staff, and faculty who are veterans or currently serving in the armed forces. Today in our blog post, we will emphasize some of the services we offer and talk about other resources available to these outstanding citizens.

As a veteran student, it may be hard to pinpoint where your interests lie as far as majors or careers.  In our office, we conduct student assessments such as the CliftonStrengths for Students and Strong Interest Inventory. These assessments will help you realize more about yourself, what type of careers may suit you, and your personality. After, you will meet with a career counselor to go over the results. Furthermore, if there is a subject or career you are already interested in, we have an abundance of reading materials that pertain to career environments, job outlook, salaries, and much more.

When receiving a resume, employers want a snapshot view of what your experiences have been and what you have to offer them. As a veteran, your experiences and skill sets are vast and it is important to market yourself in such a way. We can help you translate the skills you’ve obtained while in the military and put them onto paper. Make sure to highlight the great things you have learned such as teamwork, leadership, discipline, communication, dedication, and more!

Networking as a veteran can take you far. You have one of the largest networks out there and it’s all about who you know! Career & Internship Services can connect you with employers and also help prepare you for job fairs and other networking events. From deciding what to wear to knowing the proper dining etiquette, we will make sure you are ready for any type of event. There are also many organizations just for veterans that will aid in creating even more connections for you and your future career.

Stop on into Career & Internship Services (SCC 22 – just down the hall from the Veteran’s Center) and we will help you to develop your career goals and execute them.  And again, we are so grateful!

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One thought on “Services for Veterans

  1. […] Today’s blog post is a special one; in this post I am going to highlight some key resources we have available for veterans at Career & Internship Services, and some helpful general tips for veterans. Here at our office we are so grateful for what our veterans have done and what our soldiers are currently doing. We are so glad that we can in turn provide you all with career assistance when you need it. In this post I am going to touch on helpful resume tips for vets, some helpful sites that I have found that help veterans find employment, and a few key points from my fellow blogger Taylor’s post from last year. […]

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