Everyday Communication

By: Justine [Harmony | Communication | Futuristic | Empathy | Achiever]

Think back to your last job interview. What were the questions that you seemed to struggle the most with?  Strengths and weaknesses are often inquired about by the interviewer because they want to know more about how you describe yourself and possibly how you fit into the company.  Although it seems to be one of the hardest interview answers to formulate, in this blog post I will focus on my strength of communication.

CliftonStrengths for Students - Communication

Last year when I began working in the Career & Internship Services office I took the CliftonStrengths for Students assessment for my first time and communication came up in my top 5 strengths, which personally I found to be surprising. I had never considered myself to be overly confident with speaking and similar to many others, I was also not a huge fan of public speaking. So as I reflected about how this strength fit into my life I began to realize that communication has always been a significant part of my life.

Communication is one of many universal skills that are key to success in any career field.  Although many people have different thoughts when explaining the role of communication, the truth is that it exists in many forms. Communication takes place between coworkers, supervisors, and of course, during presentations.  Nowadays communication can also involve technology through email, texting, and social media. Managing the different methods and means of communication can be overwhelming. Even with it being one of my top strengths, communication in the form of public speaking hasn’t ever been my favorite thing. Over the past year, I have been actively trying to develop this strength through class presentations, workshops through Career & Internship Services, and other endeavors with much success. It’s true that the more you practice a skill the easier it becomes.

It’s been over a year since my first encounter with StrengthsQuest revealing communication to me. Just recently I decided to revisit the assessment and after taking it a second time I found communication to be my number one strength within my top 5.  This was very inspiring to me. From a year ago not even realizing that communication was a strength, to practicing and fully embracing it over the past year, has now made it my number one asset! CliftonStrengths for Students is a very valuable tool that has helped me to not only realize strengths that I didn’t know I had but also has helped me focus on improving a strength that I will be able to use in any area of life.

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