Thanks For Giving Us a Break

By: Andrew

We have made it to the only extended break in the Fall semester. And frankly, it feels well deserved. Being full-time students is fun, but going on an extended weekend vacation to home is just what the doctor ordered for all of us. In saying that, the semester and the school year still has a lot ahead of us.

The Thanksgiving break gives us the downtime to re-energize for the final weeks of the semester and final exams. For myself, and many of my fellow LSBE counterparts, we have been bombarded with assignments, projects, and exams this past week and a half. All of this work and stress only build the anticipation of having Thanksgiving finally be here.

With all of the above said, we do come back from break. We come back to a normal week, but what many students will find is that it is a slower than normal week. What could you possibly do with this time that you have not had all year? That is right, come down to Career & Internship Services and get working toward laying the foundation for your career.

I will admit that it is easier for me to say this since I am a Peer Educator myself, but all of us Peer Educators thoroughly enjoy helping students realize their potential and how to reach that potential. You are most likely reading this over the Thanksgiving break and may well be thinking how bad of an idea this sounds like, especially when an easy week is waiting for you. But hey, who goes to college to take the easy way out? We signed up for higher education, so the least we can do is take advantage of the “free” services there are at Career & Internship Services and all around campus.

Wondering what could possibly bring you to Career & Internship Services?

  • Resume Drop-Ins – every Tuesday & Wednesday, 2-4pm, SCC 22 (while classes are in session)
  • LinkedIn/GoldPASS Drop-ins – every Thursday, 2-4pm, SCC 22 (while classes are in session)
  • Check out our upcoming events

We will look forward to seeing you next week!

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