Practice Makes Perfect

By: Ashley

Are you one of those people who practices in front of a mirror before an interview? Don’t you wish you had someone else around to ask the questions? Or ever just wish you could rewind and watch yourself in action? Well with Interview Stream all this is possible. Interview Stream is a website where, with the use of your webcam, you can be interviewed and then play it back over and over again and critique yourself. Interview Stream has many cool features, including:

  • You can do a practice interview wherever and whenever you want
  • Not only can you watch your interview but you can share it with others and get their opinions
  • Expert interviewing advice is available on demand by two best-selling interview experts
  • You can choose from 6,000 questions or use pre-defined question sets

I think my favorite part about Interview Stream is that it’s really easy to use and I can go at my own pace. It can give a sort of peace of mind knowing that you got some practice in before the real thing. On the Interview Stream website they have the question “Would you hire you?” on their home page and I think that is a very good question to ask oneself. I mean if you do a mock interview and then review it and realize you made a bunch of mistakes you can save yourself from making those mistakes during a real interview. If you wouldn’t hire yourself based on that interview, what makes you think they would want to hire you?

If you’re anything like I was before I tried this website you may be asking yourself if using this website is worth it or even helpful. What I would say to you is, yes it is worth it and yes it is very helpful. Of course, I wouldn’t expect you to take my word for it, I did a little research and Interview Stream has had itself a little taste of the spotlight. Not only has Interview Stream been mentioned in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and been given a Webby award, an international award given to websites for excellence on the internet, but it also was honored with the Silver W3 Award for outstanding achievements on an employment website in 2010.

Of course, if this doesn’t impress you, you can always go to the website and read or even watch testimonials from real people who have used, promote, and love Interview Stream. Overall I myself love the website because it’s not only easy and free like I said before but honestly, it’s fun, it’s so much fun to do an interview and then watch myself being all serious and professional, and it gives the interviewing process a more laid back feel. I give you my word that if you try Interview Stream just once, you will use it again and again, especially if you’re graduating soon and are getting interviews with potential employers. I believe the old saying practice makes perfect is appropriate.

*Disclaimer* Interview Stream is a service that the UMD Career & Internship Services office subscribes to for use by UMD students. If you’re not a UMD student and are interested in using Interview Stream check with the Career Services office on your campus.

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