Developing the Potential in Others

By: Whitney

Developer is a strength where you are talented in recognizing and cultivating the potential in others. According to a book written on StrengthsQuest it is often that the potential of others may be all that you see in them. It also talks about the fact that you see that no one ever is a complete expert on topics. Developers can help people achieve their full potential through the clear picture that they have of the other person’s potential. Developers are always trying to help others find success in whatever they are trying to achieve.

Developers also can spot signs of small improvement and derive satisfaction in these improvements.  You thrive on seeing people go through even slight changes and knowing that you were a part of getting them where they are today. You know that the potential for greatness is there and you want to be the person who pulls all of it out of them and help them see the potential that they might not even know is there.


In developing your strength as a Developer you may find that your main role in groups is a facilitator. You want to help the group to be the best that you can. An awesome way of strengthening this facilitative role is through teaching or coaching. You also can observe your friends to become even stronger in your developing skills by sharing your observations with them.

You can use your skills as a developer when studying and in your academic life by helping another person in the class understand concepts that they may be struggling with. By explaining this you are not only helping them develop to their knowledge of the topic but you are also studying yourself. You may also find study groups to be helpful in gaining more knowledge of the class.

Careers that developers thrive in are those which you can really see the progress that people are going through and the change that happens along with it. A career where you can provide a service to people is one that you would likely find great satisfaction in. A profession where you have the opportunity to work with people one on one and help them to work on their talents is also one a developer would enjoy.

I have found that I am much like everything that has been described above. I love being able to see that I have helped someone. I get very excited when I feel like I have truly helped someone achieve a task that they did not think was possible. I recently switched my major to elementary education and based on this strength that showed up in my StrengthsQuest results, it was a great choice. I hope to find that in my future, I will have great satisfaction knowing that I am laying the foundation for the rest of a student’s education and I really hope that they feel I made a difference in that student’s life.

This also helps to explain the personal goal I have always wanted to achieve of having a positive effect on everyone I meet and hopefully to make a difference in people’s lives for the better. As a developer I do find that I am the person who is always looking for potential in people and I get very frustrated and almost angry when someone puts another person down saying that they will never be able to do a certain task or that they will just never understand a certain topic. This is the Developer showing through in full colors because I do see the potential in others and just do not understand how other people can’t see it.

I leave you with a quote by Barbara Bush that I believe really describes how developers see the world and others around them, “If human beings are perceived as potentials rather than problems, as possessing strengths instead of weaknesses, as unlimited rather than dull and unresponsive, then they thrive and grow to their capabilities.”

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