Prepping for the U of M Job & Internship Fair

By: Andrew

U of M Job Fair

The University of Minnesota Job and Internship Fair is not for over a month, but since it is winter break there is ample time to prepare. The Job Fair had over 200 organizations attend last year; making it the largest job and internship fair in Minnesota. With over a month to go there are already 99 companies signed up to attend the Job Fair this year.

The Job Fair gives students and employers a chance to network, collect information about each other, and explore job and internship opportunities. To see the growing list of organizations that will be attending the Job Fair, please click this link. I recommend that you register ahead of time and as soon as possible. To register you will need to access your GoldPASS account.

If you pay prior to the Job Fair it is $10, and $25 at the door. Paying ahead will not only ensure that you will be able to attend, but will hopefully help you make a commitment when it comes to preparing for it. Everyone in the U of M system (alumni of the past 3 years and current students) can attend the Job Fair, but the people that attend prepared and confident will shine through almost every time.

Here are some tips that should help you start preparing for the Job Fair:

  • Determine if there are organizations that you would like a chance to speak with.
  • Do you have the proper attire to attend the Job Fair?
  • Bring your resume to Career Services to have it reviewed and critiqued. (Check out our Drop-in hours for Spring semester.)
  • Plan out which organizations you want to speak with. Remember, there are 6 hours at the Job Fair. It is always wise to give yourself a few practice runs with companies you have little to no interest in, so you can feel comfortable for the main act.
  • It’ll be busy; don’t wait for 15 minutes in a line unless you have absolutely nothing better to do. As I said, there will be close to 200 organizations there; talk to any of them, you never know where that connection may lead you.

These are just some main points to focus on for the Job Fair. Here is a link to give you a comprehensive idea of how to be prepared for the Job Fair. We will also be hosting a number of “Getting Ready for the Job Fair” workshops leading up to the U of M Job Fair.

Though the U of M Job and Internship Fair is not for over a month, these tips and ideas will help you get prepared for it well in advance. If you have any questions regarding the Job Fair please leave a comment below!

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