Time Management During the Job Search

By: Abby

Sometimes a whole month can pass, and you’ll realize, “hmm I haven’t done much to help me get the job I’ll need in four months.” That can be quite stressful.

Well, that is what almost (pretty much) happened to me. I am here to share with you the tips that I have learned to keep myself on track from here forward.

Time mgmt

It is all about time management!

If you keep a time-specific calendar for all major things in a day, include time specifically for job search tasks. If you do not keep a time-specific calendar, it is probably time to start.

Keeping a calendar is a great way to keep your life on track, not be late, be productive and not forget about appointments, meetings, classes, work schedules, and even job searching.

I have always kept a calendar, but I have never put “to-do” tasks on it – until now. I have designated an hour most days of the week to specifically dedicate to my job search. This time can be used finding new people to connect with at some of my target companies; it could be used to search databases and company websites for potential jobs, and applying for jobs.

On a side note: I have also added in times for working out, writing blog posts, and other “to-do” tasks.

If you don’t want to get to the end of April and wonder what you’ll be doing in a few weeks, start designating time to prepare. If you mark down those times now, it will be harder to put off, and potentially forget about.

Another side note: By no means do I mean to do this for all 7 days in a week. If you can, try to keep one or two days unplanned! Too much structure can cause stress as well.

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