My Jump Across the Big, Blue Pond

By: Zach

Hello all, and greetings from London, England! On Thursday, January 2nd, I left my home in Minnesota to study abroad at Queen Mary University of London for the semester. It has been a much-anticipated adventure for me, and I can’t thank those who supported me along the way enough!

Zach with telephone
Zach in London

Just a quick update, and then I promise I will jump right into it! For all of those who may have felt the travel anxiety with me, I made it. I settled into the East End of London and am just a stone’s throw away from the Mile End Underground (“the tube”). I live on-campus in a flat with six other incredibly unique people who come from many places across the map! I lucked out with a flat-mate from Italy and another from France who both love to cook. They have already invited me to meals, so let’s just say I don’t think I will be going hungry anytime soon! It’s been a little over a week since I have been here, and I have already met so many interesting people with different backgrounds, and I believe that is half of the excitement in traveling! And to my Mum who is also probably tuned in, I am doing well! You have all the contact information I sent you, and I will make sure to check in every day! (That’s as long as my adventures don’t distract me too much!)

London Tower Bridge
London Tower Bridge

Now that we are all caught up, I wanted to talk about my new role this semester as a Peer Educator at UMD Career & Internship Services. Along with my studies in the United Kingdom, I have been sent on assignment! Call me “007” if you please, but my mission is to get the inside scoop on many career-related topics surrounding London and the United Kingdom! Just like the current blogging team is doing at home, I am looking to put a little international twist on some interesting career topics! Whether it may be studying abroad and education, resumes and applications, international careers, or maybe even an infiltration of some of their own Career Resource Centers! Hopefully, I can provide you with some insightful career information, as well as share about my new and growing knowledge!

Big Ben
Big Ben

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4 thoughts on “My Jump Across the Big, Blue Pond

  1. Oh, Zach! How exciting and fun! I love your “007” assignment and look forward to hearing more from you! Enjoy and learn! – Janet 🙂

  2. Hi Zach! So glad you made it! I am very curious to hear more about what you learn about their career services offices and the advice they give to students with regard to career planning and job search. Have fun! Julie

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