Achieving Your Career Goals

By: Ashley

I read the article Use Self-talk to Set Career Goals You’ll Actually Achieve by Vanessa Edwards recently on the blog TheSavvyIntern, a blog I highly recommended, about using the technique of self-talk to set and achieve goals, career goals to be specific. I myself have always used this method of internal commentary to tell myself what I need to do, how I can do it, and even why it is beneficial that I actually do it. I mean, face it, job searching and preparation can be a long, laborious process but in the end, it is well worth it. Sometimes the best way to do something that you may not really want to do, like write, proofread, and then rewrite your resume, is to remind yourself why you are doing it in the first place.

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Now you may be thinking that actually doing the various steps towards finding a job isn’t the problem, it’s the remembering to do it part that gets you every time. We live in a digital world, full of countless distractions, but the very electronics that can keep us away from things like resume and interview prep or job fairs can be useful tools in reminding us about said events. Almost every college student I know has some sort of cellphone, which almost all have calendars, which events can be added and reminders set. As Vanessa says in her article “Plan ahead for the tasks you know you find the most challenging.” With all the technology we have, it is even easier to find out when and where events are going to be held, for instance, the calendar on our Career & Internship Services web page has major events listed well in advance and is continually updated. All you would have to do is go to our site on your phone, copy and paste into your calendar and voila!

One of the other things mentioned in the post is about setting logical goals, taking the proper steps to reach your specific end goal and making smart decisions. I mean if you’re a chemical engineering major, attending a teaching job fair wouldn’t be the most valuable use of your time. Vanessa talks about how saying your tasks out loud and breaking them into smaller steps helps us decide what to do next. For instance, say you want to get an interview, break that down into smaller steps, start with building your resume, invest in some nice clothes, use your college’s resources to get ready for a job fair, practice interviewing, then attend a job fair and meet potential employers, and you may end up with an interview. Smaller steps are important; you don’t just get an interview.

Overall I definitely think that this article is well worth the read and I think everyone should give self-talk a try. Without self-talk, I would find myself saying “oh that was yesterday” a whole lot more. Plus, like I said before, sometimes we all need motivation and the best motivation can come from reminding yourself why you are doing what it is you’re doing. So I think sitting down, making a plan, breaking down the steps and seeing what I can do to get closer to my end goal sounds like a very good idea and I definitely think self-talk will be a big contributor in my success.

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2 thoughts on “Achieving Your Career Goals

  1. Hi Ashley!

    We’re so happy that you found that post useful. You’re right that a job search can be long and difficult. Self-talk can be an effective way to motivate and keep oneself on track. There are sooooo many potential distractions available to us. A job search though, has to be treated like a full-time job.

    Thank you for the kind words about our blog. We’re very happy to be a go-to resource for internship and job seekers, as well as young professionals.


    David Ellis
    Content and Community Manager

    • Hey Dave,
      Thanks so much for reading and commenting on my blog post about YouTern! I agree completely that a job search needs to be treated as a full-time job in itself. Your very welcome for the kind words, I will continue to use YouTern as a resource for my own career exploration as well as a subject for my blog post here at Career Services in the future.


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