Be a SHOE-in at the Job Fair

By Annie

If you are not aware already, February is a popular month for job fairs. It is important to prepare for job fairs in a number of ways, including what you will wear. For the basics on what is appropriate for clothing, look at our other dress for success posts.

Some key things to consider when choosing your outfit include:

  • How long will you be at the fair?
  • Is there a student lounge or place to sit?
  • Is there a coat and bag check?
  • How will the weather be on that day?

These details can make a difference when trying to decide between more or less comfortable outfits, how many layers to bring, and what kind of shoes to wear. Even if you are not very picky about how your clothes fit, items such as your shoes can start out feeling fine but turn painful by the day’s end.

Below are some tips for picking out the best pair of shoes.

Shoes for Women:
Women have seemingly endless options when it comes to shoes, but when it comes to finding professional, comfortable shoes the options tend to narrow quickly. That does not mean you can only be professional in some old, ugly pair of shoes. Nonetheless, it is important to be conscious of what may not be appropriate or practical to wear all day at a job fair.

As I mentioned in my last post on women’s wear, shoe styles can change depending on your geographical location. Closed toed shoes are typical for the Midwest.

The height of the heel is a main concern. Even if you are comfortable walking in 5-inch heels, they will look out of place in a professional setting, such as a job fair. This is especially true if you can no longer walk comfortably after a few hours on your feet. Check out Corporette’s Guide to Comfortable Heels for more information on finding the ideal heel. If you would rather avoid heels altogether, flats are always a valid option!

Shoes for Men:
Guys are lucky in the sense they do not have to worry about high heels. However, the challenge for some guys may be determining what color shoes to pair with their suit. Below is a little guide to help you decide.

Shoe to Suit guide

Many times, shoes are the last piece to be added to an outfit. If you are going shoe shopping, consider how the shoes will look with your current professional wardrobe before you buy. Finally, remember if you have a brand new pair of shoes they may pinch your feet or leave you with horrible blisters at the end of the day. To avoid this, make sure you break them in prior to attending a job fair.

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Photo source: Men’s shoes

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