Have It Your Way

By: Whitney

In today’s busy world it is very easy to get caught up in the rush. That being said, it is also easy to loose sight of what is really important, what you want. While not the entire world is Burger King where you can “have it your way,” your career should be. Why settle for anything less that what you want for your career? It is important to pick a job that you are going to be happy in! This can be very difficult to do at times. So, how DO you pick a job that you are going to enjoy going to every day? First you must listen to yourself, then weigh your options and evaluate why you are taking one position over another, and finally choose a job that is right for you.

As college students we all know how easy it is to get caught up in what everyone else wants us to do. Even when you are trying to decide a college parents, friends, and other family members may be putting the pressure on to go here or there. Then when it comes to picking a major things get even messier. So when you go to find a job the pressure, I can imagine, is first on to finding a job, and then to pick the “right one.” The most important thing to keep in mind is that these people are not the ones who will be working the job. You need to pick the job that YOU think is right for you. No one wants to go to a job that they hate every day, especially if they know that they chose this job based mainly on someone else’s opinions.

Never let words quote

This is where weighing your options and evaluating why you are making a decision comes into play. If you have some options then make sure that you take some time to look into them. Pay attention when you go into your interview. Do the people working there look happy? Stressed? Enthusiastic? Welcoming? These are all important things to notice when you are considering taking a position. Ask the workers if they enjoy their job. Ask what they believe the pros and cons are of the position and see if you believe the pros outweigh the cons. Also, while you are in your interview, at the end when the interviewer asks you if you have any questions, ask them what the work environment is like. They can give you an idea of what type of environment you will be put into before you start. If one tells you that it is an position that you will be working mostly on your own and the other says that you will have a lot of time working with others pick the job that suits you best. Evaluate why you would want one position over another. Are you choosing one job over the other because the environment and the energy of the workspace is one you will enjoy or because it will pay more? When trying to decide which job you should take you need to decide if that little bit extra money is worth working a job that you know you may like less than one that pays a little less.

In the end, choosing a job that is best for you may be challenging when there are so many other factors, but you will be glad that you chose a job that is right for you and right for your personality. Making decisions on your life based on other peoples expectations is no way to find happiness in your life or enjoy what you are doing. So when picking a job you must listen to yourself not all of the other voices, weigh your options and evaluate why you are choosing that position and this will lead you to finding a job that fits you like a glove and that you enjoy going to every day.

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