No One Brings You Down: Positivity

By: Ashlee

Just this past weekend, my office put on an event involving over 150 people. Lots of details to keep in order! As these events usually go, there were a few unexpected twists to the evening that caught us momentarily off guard. When a handful of things went wrong, one after another, my co-worker started to lose her composure and fret about other possibilities that could happen. Using my positivity, I gave her a brief pep talk, and we went back to work. The evening turned out fabulously! My co-worker later came up to me when we were cleaning up to thank me for the mini pep talk.

List of Strengths; Positivity in green

I tend to go with the flow and not let the lingering details of a mishap bother me. I’m quick to smile and am constantly on the lookout for the positive side in any situation. These traits helped me out that evening in more ways than one. Why? Because I rely heavily on my strength of Positivity.

Think of the classic question: Is the glass half empty or is the glass half full? If one of your Top 5 Strengths is positivity, you’re seeing the glass half full. It’s a trait many people wish they could possess, according to the Gallup Business Journal. This positive energy draws people to be around you. A positive person’s enthusiasm is contagious. People want to join in with you because your passion drips off everything you care about. We all know somebody who never ceases to have a bad day, and you don’t know quite how they do it, but they always manage to make you feel better and pumped up about any project you’re working on.

I never like finding myself in a tense situation, especially with my co-workers or my family and friends. Whenever it happens, I tend to be the one trying to lighten the situation. I have Ellen DeGeneres to thank for that particular outlook in life. Ellen DeGeneres is one of those people who just radiates positivity. I don’t remember where she said it, but her words carried the following message: “No matter what the setback, one should never lose their sense of humor.” Negative energy is toxic, and no one should have to breathe it in. My positivity won’t allow the cynics to drag me down. If anything, those rejecting the positive energy only push me to work harder and strengthen my conviction.

Unfortunately, there are always going to be negative people in the world. Try to avoid those types if you can. Make friends with other positive types, and let them feed your energy, as you will in return. You might also find yourself needing to explain to others that you’re not being naive. You know that bad things will and can happen. We who possess the Positivity Strength simply prefer to focus on the good things. Pessimists might seem wiser; they might even sometimes be right — but they are rarely achievers (and, incidentally, optimists have more fun).

How can you put your positivity to use? Here are a few ways to put your ‘positivity’ into action:

  1. Anywhere you can highlight the positive is where you will excel. A teaching role, a marketing role, an entrepreneurial role, or a leadership role will put your positive outlook to great use. In fact, you might even get a little dramatic…but that’s what’s so contagious about your attitude.
  2. When others become discouraged or are reluctant to take risks, your attitude will provide the push to keep them moving. Over time, others will start to look to you for this “lift.”
  3. Deliberately help others see the things that are going well for them. You can keep their eyes on the positive.
  4. Arm yourself with good stories, jokes, and sayings because people will rely on you to help them get over above their daily frustrations.
  5. Plan activities for your friends and coworkers that will recognize their achievements or add a little fun to an ordinary workday.

If Positivity isn’t one of your top 5 strengths, don’t worry! You can still be a very positive person in life (you probably already knew that!) It’s good to understand the strengths of those who do possess Positivity as one of their top 5. By taking the time to understand your coworker or friends who never cease to find the silver lining to any situation, you will be better prepared to celebrate the successes and take the praise they offer in stride.

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