Pinterest + Your Job Search

By: Ashley

Pinterest, that wonderful little site that has recipes, funny animal pictures, and inspiring quotes. Did you ever stop to think that this time-killer could actually be used in your job search? Well, it never crossed my mind either until I came upon “How to Use Pinterest for your Job Search” by Jaime Petkanics on The Prepary, a wonderful blog written by Jaime herself. I mean, what could be better than taking one of my favorite past times and making it work to my advantage? For those of you, who like me can get lazy at times, it’s perfect because chances are you are already on Pinterest to begin with!

Pinterest & your job search

The four main ways to use Pinterest in your job search that Jaime points out are:

  • Follow the companies that interest you
  • Follow career experts and get great job searching advice
  • Learn new skills and tips that will make you a better candidate
  • Get Inspired

All of these are valid ways to get Pinterest in on the action that is your job search. Many companies do use Pinterest and by looking at what they are posting you are learning about the company’s values, attitude, and interests, things your everyday research on a company might not get you. Many experts who use Pinterest post pins about articles they found helpful as well as post images that help us visual learners see what’s going on and what is desired in today’s working world. You can even follow The Prepary on Pinterest as they pin everything from job searching tips and resumes to effective elevator pitches. You can also follow our Pinterest here at Career & Internship Services where you can get wardrobe advice, internship tips and much, much more.

The third bullet point is one that many of us already use but not in the career sense. We have all, or most have found a recipe on Pinterest and added it to our arsenal of good eats. Have you ever stopped and thought that maybe you could learn some more useful skills on Pinterest? You can learn how to make a spreadsheet in Excel, how to become more organized, and how to use social networking as a tool. All of these are valuable skills employers look for in a prospective employee.

The last bullet point is was one of my favorites because getting inspired on Pinterest is fun and it’s easy. It is definitely a tool that can help you get to know yourself and others, it a way to see what you’re interested in and to investigate more about it. So like Jaime says in her post make yourself a career/job search board and when you have the time to spare fill ‘er up and have fun doing it!

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