The Space That Works For You

By: Taylor

One of my personal goals this semester is to be more productive. To accomplish my goal I have reviewed my schedule and made it more ‘user-friendly.’ I scheduled time in each day for free time as well as intense study time. I am taking advantage of my mornings while still making sure to get enough sleep. What is the next step? Recently, I realized my scheduled productive time is sometimes filled with distractions and noise. I needed to identify which type of spaces I work well in so that I could truly maximize my productivity. Here’s what I came up with:

  1. The space needs to be visually simple. If there are posters and bright colors all around, it is distracting for me.
  2. I like to have some white noise, but overall quiet should dominate.
  3. Coziness is important for me especially if I will be spending long periods of time doing work.
  4. The table or desk that I am using needs to be cleared off. The only materials I want to see are the ones I am using.
  5. If I am not surrounded by friends I will be less likely to stray off topic.

Apartment Therapy desk

I am an avid Pinterest browser and therefore see creative workspaces each day, but as a college student, I don’t have ample space in my apartment to have an office. However, I do have a desk and that is a great place to start! While addressing my list of workspace needs, I started to reorganize and customize my desk. I used drawer and basket space creatively so I could clear the top off completely except for my lamp. I added a cushion to my chair to make it more comfortable and made a small iPod speaker accessible nearby. It is amazing how small changes can change how I work so drastically! I hope to continually make changes to my workspace as I grow older so that it always caters to my needs and is a place that I look forward to spending time.

Neiman Marcus desk

What is it for you that boosts your productivity? This list not only applies to personal office space but may also help you identify public places that compliment your work style. Make sure to think broadly! For some people, their most productive space may be outdoors (weather permitting) and for others, it may mean sitting/laying on the floor. Other factors that may affect you are the lighting, room temperature, and clutter. Here are a few other creative spaces to get your thoughts rolling.

YHL Chair & Desk

Here are some Pinterest boards with an office theme to inspire you to shape up your workspace:

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Photo Sources: Photo 1: Suzanne via Apartment Therapy; Photo 2: Neiman Marcus desk; Photo 3: Young House Love

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