Get Your Resume Ready for the Job Fair

By: Justine

Spring is prime time for job fairs, and one of the big fairs UMD students and recent grads can attend is the U of MN Job and Internship Fair. Whether you are graduating in May and searching for a full-time position, or just looking for an internship, you are going to need an impressive resume.

Resume Job Fair Ready

Change your objective
For those who don’t already know, an objective is a purpose statement that is listed as the first thing on your resume. For example, To obtain a ‘position title’ at ‘company name.’  When writing an objective for your job fair resume, you have to think about the many people who you will be talking to and handing your resume out to. In this case, creating customized resumes for each individual company is more hassle than you want to have to deal with on an already busy day. To save yourself the time of shuffling through many different resumes, you can create a job fair resume that has more of a general objective. Something like this could sound like, To obtain an internship in the field of ____.  Now your resume goals are now appropriate to fit the many companies and employers of the job fair.

Organize your experiences
By using the word ‘experience’ on your resume as a heading, you are able to include many more positions besides paid jobs. Say, for example, you had an awesome unpaid internship or volunteer position you want to feature on your resume, you can list that under the “Related Experience” heading, which usually comes right after the Objective and Education headings. You can also personalize the heading even more by including your field like ‘Marketing Experience’ or a skill such as ‘Leadership Experience.’  By making these adjustments you will be able to highlight yourself in a way that will set you apart from other applicants.

Before any job fair, you need to do your research about the employers who will be there.  By clicking on ‘view employers attending’ on the GoldPASS website you can decide who you will want to talk to on the day of the fair. By planning ahead you will know how many resumes to have printed off, plus some extra copies just in case. Think about also purchasing a nice portfolio folder to hold all of your resumes in a professional and organized way.

Overall your resume needs to be flawless in order to help build your first impression when meeting employers. Career & Internship Services has many expert career counselors and peer educators who can help you with your resume and job fair tips in general. For more tips and tricks about successfully making it through a job fair experience, check out previous blog posts about what to wear and how to prepare for the big day.

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