Being a Learner is Fun

By: Taylor [Achiever|Input|Intelligence|Learner|Strategy]

As defined by StrengthsQuest, those with the learner strength enjoy the experience of learning. The process of learning is more exciting for them than the end result. They strive for new experiences and information that align with their interests. They do not seek to be the master of all trades, but enjoy the process of gathering new information. StrengthsQuest also says, “the genius of the learner talent is that you not only love to learn; you also intuitively know how to learn best.”


The learning strength applies to me in a variety of ways. When coming to college, I had a hard time determining a major- not because I didn’t know what interested me, but instead because I had too many things that inspired me.  Each semester I love attending the first classes and getting a taste of a variety of different subjects. However, I get bored with courses quickly. I am constantly trying new things like yoga, golf, and piano lessons. All of these are new found interests of mine and the initial process of learning them is exhilarating. There are also little things that I realized about myself once my learner strength was identified. My Twitter feed, for example, is flooded with news channels and professionals in a variety of fields. I enjoy reading nonfiction books and watching documentaries. I also am confident that I want to attend graduate school someday.

If the learner strength applies to you, I recommend looking for careers that will encourage continuous learning. You will be energized by the challenge to keep up. Consider companies that allow you to do short-term projects. Spending short amounts of time learning new things only to be met by new projects and ideas- this idea also applies to consulting. Also, take advantage of any continuing education your company is willing to subsidize whether it be a certification course or earning your masters degree.

Interestingly, my professors have the Learner strength. If you interested in learning more about this strength, ask what they find rewarding in their careers. Also come down to the Career Services office if you want to learn about your other strengths!

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