The Insider’s Look at the Graduate Follow-up Report

By: Megan

The Graduate Follow-up Report is a survey Career & Internship Services does on students the year after they graduate. The purpose is to find out what students are doing after graduation.

You can look at the whole report or jump to specific sections. You will currently see reports from the previous school year and up to five years back. Go into the archive to view older reports.

UMD Graduation 2012
UMD Graduation 2012

What information does the Graduate Follow-up Report include?

  • Number of graduates in each major
  • Employment rates and locations
  • Graduate school attendance rates and locations
  • Major relevancy to occupation (both overall and reported by major)
  • Specific sections for teaching majors
  • Reported annual salaries
  • Job offer rates after internships
  • Employers who have been on campus
  • Comparison of statistics across years

How can you use it?

Choosing a Major:

If you’re thinking about a specific major, go to that major and see what jobs alumni had their first year after graduating. Remember, this is with a Bachelor’s degree.  These are often entry level, and you can work your way up or go to grad school to continue your education. If these jobs are in line with what you’re thinking, you’re golden. This is just a sample, and there are many other jobs you can do, too.

If you know what you want to do eventually, but don’t know what major will get you there, try searching for the job. You’ll probably find it in several different majors! The same job might pop up as related under several different majors.

The Report also lists annual salaries. With all the statistics reported, it’s easy to see the range of what alums are making their first year out. If you’re not planning on going to grad school, this may help you figure out where your price point could be. It’s not the “be all end all” though. Salaries vary across time. Take a look at a couple of different years to see if it’s consistent or if there are any other trends.

If you’re concerned about finding a job:

Some alumni find a job in their field right away; others wait a few years. Some majors seem to have a lot of non-relevant work right after college. This could be because alums are taking some time off (recuperating, if you will), or they can’t find a job. If that’s something you’re worried about, you can prepare. Remember that college is more than just going to classes. Build your resume with on-campus involvement, internships, and leadership positions to make you an even more outstanding job candidate.

The Internship files have some information on students who have completed an internship. If they received credit for it, chances are you can get further data from the department that manages that major. It can be interesting to see how many students on average receive employment offers from the organization they interned at.

Also look at the Major Relevancy charts. Some students feel if they don’t do something directly related to their major right away, they wasted their time in school. However, jobs are often stepping stones. Some majors lead directly into a job; some may lead you on a meandering course. Depending on which you prefer, the relevancy of a job right after college may not matter.

If you’re currently looking for a job:

Go job hunting in the Report. Find your major and look at employers that have hired UMD grads with your same education. You might consider sending in an application or giving them a call. If you happen to know someone who was hired there, let them know you’re interested, and ask them about the environment/work.

For Teaching Majors:

Teaching degrees are broken down more specifically across majors in a separate section. You can look at what people who majored in Art Education, for instance, are doing. If you’re trying to decide between teaching a few different things, this may help you figure out if one will lead to a better place for you.

Are you a grad from the previous school year? Fill out the Grad Follow-up Survey if you haven’t done so already. We’d love to hear from you and know what you’re doing after college!

Also, if you are going to be graduating and already know what you’re doing, we want to know that too! Fill out the survey!

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Photo Source: UMD Campus Photographer Brett Groehler

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