Being Connected

By: Whitney

This week’s featured Strength is CONNECTEDNESS! Connectedness is knowing everything happens for a reason, and everything that happens is interrelated. Connectedness is not one of my strengths, but I found it really interesting to read and learn about because I know there are a lot of people who use the phrase “everything happens for a reason”. Connected people tend to think about the big picture; they not only see the trees but also the whole forest. They think all people are connected and part of something bigger, so they are careful not to harm or exploit others because they feel that by harming others, they are also harming themselves.

Connected people are generally very kind and caring. They also accept people for who they are. Connected people are good at making sense out of situations that are very confusing to others. They do this by figuring out how the situation is related to other aspects of life. They also tend to connect the past to what is happening right now and also to what will happen in the future.


How can you apply connectedness to your future career goals? suggests you first volunteer. When you volunteer, you can really see where your passion lies. I think this is a good tip for everyone, not just people who have connectedness as a strength. They suggest volunteering for connected people because they can then connect these experiences to specific values and also the type of work environment you want to look for when seeking for future employment opportunities.

Some organizations they suggested are Habitat for Humanity, Peace Corps, or Teach for America. They suggest a career field that involves working with people and serving others. A job that involves a lot of routine is not normally the best choice with someone who has connectedness as a strength. By working with people, you will have a great sense of pride and importance in your life, which brings job happiness.

Connectedness in Classes

I find that personally, it is a lot easier to remember things if you can relate them to a real life experience or use conversations to relate back to the topic you are discussing. I believe this would be especially true for someone who has connectedness as a strength. People who are strong in connectedness should pick classes where they are able to do this. I took an interpersonal communication class, and I think this would be a great course for a connected person because it is all about relationships between people. Study groups may also be very beneficial in the process of recall on tests or applying concepts into everyday life.

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