Get LinkedIn and Branch Out

By: Andrew

In prior blog posts, we have talked about how LinkedIn can be helpful when it comes to networking, but this time around, I want to take a further look into all the great features LinkedIn has to offer. Although networking is the greatest purpose of LinkedIn, the following drop down tabs can be very useful: groups, jobs, companies, and news. These four tabs can keep you in the loop in your field of interest and have you ready to apply for an unforeseen job opportunity.

LI tool bar

Groups – They serve many purposes on LinkedIn. Here are some reasons why joining groups can benefit you:

  • You can join groups for people that are based on common interests, majors, work titles, the school you attend(ed), and just about any group idea you can imagine.
  • As easy as it is to join groups, you can also create them. This is a great way to lead the way in setting up a space where people with commonalities can discuss and network together.
  • Through groups, you can discuss topics that most of your connections may not be interested in or you may find someone you have a lot in common with that could be a great connection for you to have.

Jobs – They are part of most of our career aspirations, so it goes without saying that this part of LinkedIn is an important one for a person searching for a job. Here’s why:

  • More and more companies are posting job openings on LinkedIn, so get ahead of the curve and find your future job on LinkedIn.
  • By networking your way to the right person, you may be able to find an organization with an unfilled need. It never hurts to put yourself out there and see if a smaller company needs a set of skills like yours.
  • There is also a tab specifically for students and recent graduates. This tab allows users to search for jobs by their specific area of study.
  • Lastly, if you are up for paying $20 a month, you can contact anyone on LinkedIn, which is a significant advantage if you are searching for a job. $20 now is very little in the grand scheme of things when it comes to landing a job.

Companies – They comprise the job market, the job market we all want to become a part of. So, follow companies for these reasons:

  • The companies tab is a good way to stay in the loop when it comes to knowing what your favorite companies are up to.
  • By following companies, you can learn what they are all about and be able to search for careers with them at the same time.
  • When following companies, you can see what other LinkedIn users follow that company, which can allow you to find the perfect connection to get you an in at the company you have dreamed of working for.

And for the last tab, news – here’s why this one is so important:

  • The news tab is quite convenient when you are trying to know what is going on in the world as a whole. What is especially great about this tab is that it filters news articles to the specific area of study you are in. As a management major, I can say I am offered at least one management article a day in my news feed.
  • Small talk always happens; by having an idea of what is happening in the professional world, you will be prepared to have a professional conversation at any moment.

LinkedIn is a great networking tool without these great tabs, but if you are looking to take your job search to the next level or just connect with some more quality students or business professionals, these four tabs should have you well on your way to using LinkedIn to its fullest. What’s your favorite part of LinkedIn? Leave a comment below and keep the discussion going!

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