What to Bring on the First Day of Work

By: Abby

I was just offered a real job in Marketing. I accepted it. YAY!

As I was preparing for my first day of work, I thought to myself, “hmm… what do I bring?”

People teach you how to write a resume, how to network, how to prepare for interviews… but rarely is the aftermath covered. I landed the career (yay), but then I was curious what was next. Here are some things that I decided to bring, and some things I forgot and wish I had.

  • A dish of chocolate covered pomegranates – Snacks are important to keep your mind going!
  • A tea/coffee cup
  • A water bottle
  • Hand lotion  and sanitizer
  • My lunch – It’s always safe to bring a bag lunch. You might not know what opportunities you’ll have to leave the office to grab some food on that first day.
  • A small notebook and a pen – Taking notes on your first day will help you retain more information, and make you look prepared. That first day will be full of information.
  • Knick-knacks – Spice up your desk space and make it your own! You will feel more comfortable.

First day of work

I forgot, but wish I brought:

  • Passport – This will come in handy for the “proving who I am” business. You could also bring your driver’s license and your Social Security card. There are actually a bunch of options, but the passport was easiest for me.
  • Checkbook – Most offices, mine included, use direct deposit to pay their employees. I brought a checkbook so that I could write down my account and routing number.
  • Notes from the interviews – During my interviews and afterward, I took notes on ideas (which you should too!). I wish I brought them with on the first day to refer to while going through my new projects.

It wasn’t a problem that I forgot these. I just did it on the second day. But if you want to be super prepared, bring them along!

I also brought a few pens, post-it’s, and notepads, but the office also had a lot of those for me. I could have left them at home, but mine are cute so I don’t regret it!

Before my first day, I also referred to the UMD Career & Internship Services Pinterest because they have boards called “Office Space,” and “Dress for Success.” Both boards were helpful with brainstorming what to bring and what to wear.

I hope that this will help prepare you for your first day!

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