Going Global: A How-To Guide

By: Ashley

Going Global banner

What is Going Global you might ask? Going Global is a small organization that provides advice for finding jobs at home (in the US) and abroad. To get to the Going Global webpage all a UMD student has to do is go into their GoldPASS account and click on the Going Global banner on the homepage. Going Global is a subscribed for service and because of that, it requires university log-in information. Going Global has various career guides for many countries such as France, Japan, and Russia and also has guides for major cities here in the United States and Canada. What is a career guide? Well a career guide is basically the holy grail of information. In this guide there is everything one needs to know about finding a career and starting a life all over the globe. Some of the things contained in these guides are employment outlook, key industry trends, education requirements, top company profiles, work permit information, visa regulations, cost of living, resume/CV writing guidelines and examples, and cultural advice. So basically, there is a lot of information, and everything you need to know is only a mouse click away.

So if I were to log in and make a personal profile and click on the career guides tab at the top of the page next to the home button I would be brought to the major countries Going Global has information on. This information is put together by in-country career experts. Say I am interested in working overseas in France, all I would do is click on the France icon and it brings me to a page filled with all the information listed above, plus tons more. I could look at the resume/CV examples and tweak my resume, look at the cost of living, and even the job outlook for someone going into the medical technology field like me. I could look at the top companies over in France and see if any of them work with what it is I want to do; overall every piece of information on Going Global is going to be helpful.

USA Career Guides logo

Along with including information about different countries, Going Global provides information for major cities all over the United States and Canada. Cities like Chicago, Washington D.C., and Portland. Items for each city include: resume guidelines, cost of living, overview of the city, job search resources, top companies, employment trends, and much more. When I click on Chicago under the US/Canada career guides and looked under Industry and Employment trends I could see occupations in most demand and recent top employers. Under cost of living I can see the average value of a house in Chicago, what average apartment rent is, and even the average price of a movie. All these things and more are listed for each and every city Going Global has information for on their website.

Going Global also has information on the H-1B visas that have been distributed metro, state, and nationwide for those of you who are from other countries and are looking to work in the United States. They list the companies that have submitted the greatest number of H-1B visa petitions for the specific location you are looking into. For example, in Minnesota the University of Minnesota ranks third with 189 petitions submitted for the past 12 months. What is an H-1B visa? An H-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows US companies to employ foreign workers in specialty occupations. Going Global also provides the service to search for companies in various fields, in my case if I were to search under Healthcare Practitioners and Technicians the result is a full listing of records found for related positions the details include job title, occupation group, company name, related wage and number of petitions given for that specific position.  So if you are an international student interested in working in the United States, check out the H-1B information on Going Global for potential companies to work for.

Going Global has a lot to offer and all one has to do is reach out and look around the website. It may seem a little overwhelming at first because of the amount of information but once you get going and exploring you will find it is a lot easier than you originally thought and a whole lot more fun. They have demos and PowerPoint’s that you can look at for more help and information about what they offer. Before you know it all these ideas about where you can go and who you could be will be swimming around in your head and you won’t even realize you’ve been on the website for over an hour.

Special note: if you are a student at another university, check with your Career Services office to see if they subscribe to the Going Global service.

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