Career Moves You’ll Regret

By: Taylor

Career moves regret

With recent economic conditions, some students are making career moves that they could regret in the future. Although it is important to take advantage of opportunities offered to you, there are many items to consider before formally accepting. In order to find employment that you truly enjoy and will motivate you for a long time,  don’t make these mistakes:

1. Focus on the Money

Of course money is important, but it is not the only thing! Be wary of accepting a job based solely on a salary. You don’t want to end up trapped in a high paying position that makes you miserable. Don’t be blinded by big numbers!

2. Not having the courage to pursue a dream

Many people who leave their professions to pursue a passion only have one regret: not doing it sooner. Make your dreams a reality. Make plans and connect with the right people. You don’t need an office job before starting your own photography business!

3. Culture of an Organization

It is a recruiter’s job to make their company and its employment opportunities appealing. They will definitely highlight the best parts, but you should wonder if they are being honest about the negatives about the job. Social media makes it easy to connect with employees from every business and every industry. Connect with these people to find the most realistic job preview possible. You don’t want to be excited to start a new job and then realize it’s not what you expected.

4. Opportunities for Progression

Likewise, although a job has the possibility of advancement or relocation, what you like now is not necessarily what you will enjoy doing in the future. Although a job opportunity may seem like the perfect career right now, you don’t want to feel stuck. Investigate whether or not the company has opportunities for advancement or relocation. Strike a balance with the present and your long-term goals.

Finding the perfect job is most students’ ultimate goal. Finding that often takes time, patience, and a lot of researching. Take advantage of a variety of career openings so that you can pick what one truly fits you and when thinking strike a balance with the present and implementing your long-term goals.

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