Looking at Context

By: Megan

Everything in life depends on context. Almost every question about possible behavior can be answered with “it depends.” So what does it mean to have Context as a strength? Essentially, it means looking around, looking back. Finding out where you were to get to where you are. Finding every bit of information that could factor into the situation you’re in now. Thinking about the past, and drawing the path to now. Once you have that path, you have an idea of how to act.


People with Context as a strength like order. They like a clear course and the ability to see things far off. If you’re looking back to define what’s going on now, that makes sense. You want to be able to find a linear path (of sorts). So think about careers that allow you to research or figure out how things work. Chances are you’ll thrive when researching.

Don’t try to curb your investigations. Whether it’s looking up professors in your area of study, or reading books pertaining to it outside of class, it’ll allow you to understand things better if you just let yourself go. And understanding is certainly more fun than memorizing.


Look for classes and careers that are consistent. Knowing when things have to be done, and what rules you have to follow will make you a lot more comfortable to explore than having an instructor that changes due dates and grading rubrics.

Ask for information. Talk to students who have taken a certain class, or people in a field you’re looking into. Read up on it. The more information you have, the better you’ll feel about making a decision.

Find ways to recreate the past. If you’re in a class, projects and papers may be more interesting to you than multiple choice tests. Thinking through past events can be extremely beneficial. Presentations allow you to do that and then show off what you learned. Look into a career that would allow you to do this. The StrengthsQuest book suggests archeology, museum curators, and others that deal with history.

Looking at the context of a situation is something we could all do a little bit more of. So if you have Context, don’t be afraid to use it. It can help you avoid a lot of pitfalls by knowing where the path has already lead, as opposed to just looking at the present. Just don’t over think things. Once you have the information you need, be sure to use it.

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