Tips for Success in Your 20s

By: Annie

As college students, we are at the start of our careers, and, for many of us, our 20s. My four years at UMD have flown by faster than I could imagine. At the same time, when I think back to who I was as a freshman versus who I am as a senior, I can tell I have grown older in the blink of the eye called college.  In high school, our parents and teachers stressed the importance of college. In college, our parents and teachers stress the importance of preparing for a career. But in our careers, we must take the initiative to move ourselves ahead in our chosen fields.

Success in 20s

In the last few weeks, I have received multiple emails about how to ‘get the most out of your 20s.’ Graduating high school and college I have considered milestones in my personal and professional development, but never making the most out of my 20s. I mean it’s not like I get a diploma when I turn 30. So, how do I measure the success of my twenties? Well, reading these articles, I have found new goals and goals that seem more obvious. The point is, it is important to continue consciously setting goals even when there is no one else pushing you.

Advice from the articles:

Three Career-Boosting Tips For Making The Most Out Of Your 20s by Drake Baer

Tip 1 – Hitting the life snooze: Many life events such as marriage, babies, and lifespan are being delayed. Don’t let this extra time to find yourself pass you by.

Tip 2 – Making the right mistakes: mistakes teach us about who we are, but a mistake no one wants to make is wasting time with “placeholders,” or knowingly squander away this time of your life.

Tip 3 – Willing luck to happen: Don’t be afraid to network, ask for advice, or seek help from people who know better!

Ted 2013: Why Our 20s Are The Most Important Decade Of Adulthood by Chip Cutter

This article reviews a TED Talk given by University of Virginia clinical psychologist Meg Jay on why this decade is so important. It looks at the common mistakes people make during their 20s, and seeks advice from managers of twenty-something-year-olds on how to prevent these mistakes.

10 Things Every Girl In Her 20s Should Know by Lauren Conrad

This last article applies more to your personal development during your 20s…these tips can apply to guys too!

1.       Learn How to Manage Your Budget
2.       Interview Like a Boss
3.       Keep Your Skin Young
4.       Cherish Your Friendships
5.       Dress to Impress
6.       Don’t Make the Same Mistake Twice
7.       Speak Up for Yourself
8.       Take a Compliment
9.       You Don’t Always Have to be Right
10.   Don’t Lose the Child in You

As I get ready to enter the “real world” and start my “big girl job,” I am terrified. In another four years I will be half way through my twenties, and if these next four years go by as fast as the last, I better not miss a beat. My fear is of the unknown. This is not a foreign feeling for seniors in college, or high school, or anyone for that matter. But, it is especially important that we 20-somethings do not waste these years by missing opportunities to build our careers and ourselves.

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