Do More with Your Summer

By: Whitney

Summer is a time for getting out and enjoying sunshine, fresh air, and a break from schoolwork. It is always great to refresh and recuperate after a long semester of classes, tests, and finals. Have you ever thought of what else you can do with your summer to try and either jump-start your career or just get ahead in classes?

Do more with your summer

Many college students get a job to try and save up a little cash for the upcoming year. This is a great idea especially since it allows most students to be able to work less during the school year or possibly not at all so they can focus on course work. The best way to choose a job is by trying to find something that relates to your chosen field of study. For instance, I am going to school to be an elementary teacher. Summer would be a great time for me to try and find a job working with younger students. A job pertaining to your major or career path will be a great resume builder and provide experience that employers are looking for.

Internships are also great opportunities! Think it’s too late? Think again! Although ideally you would want to have an internship by now, there are still employers who are hiring interns for the summer! Check out sites like GoldPASS to see what is still available for you!

As I stated in a previous blog post, volunteering can do wonders for your resume! If you can’t find a job or an internship in your field, there are many places that are always looking for volunteers. Even if it is volunteer work that seems simple, it’s still rich with opportunities and experiences. Employers are not looking for just paid experience. They will take as much experience as they can get, paid or unpaid.

I know that as school is wrapping up, more school is the last thing that you want to do, but summer is a great time to get a few credits out of the way! There are many courses that are offered during the summer that can help you get back on track if you changed your major, help you get ahead so you have an easier load in the future or graduate early, or maybe retake a class that you were not happy with your grade. Most colleges offer online classes if you are not staying in the area which are easy to make work with your work schedule because you can do them whenever you have time.

Summer is also a great time to work on updating your social media sites and your resume! These are both necessities that tend to be pushed to the side because of schoolwork and other outside of class activities, but you tend to have a lot more time in the summer to give them the attention that they need. Updating your resume or documenting what your summer job entails on your running document are both great ideas so that you do not struggle to remember what you did or how many people you worked with when the time comes to submit your resume. Resumes are not the only things that need to be updated, however. Students should also be working to update their LinkedIn profiles as well. Summer is a great time to really sit down and develop your profile and make connections with a lot of different people, and do a little research on different companies you are interested in.

Summer is a great time for fun and games and should be relaxing, but it is also important that you are making the most of your time! You wouldn’t waste 3 months while in school so don’t waste your summer either! You don’t need to do everything on this list, but pick one or two things and start there. These things will make you more marketable and help you get ahead in your career.

Does anyone have plans for this summer? Please share what you plan to do to do more with your summer!

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Photo by: Courtney Kinnander

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