Abby’s Nuggets of Knowledge

By: Abby

Well everyone… I am graduating! Yay!

I want to thank everyone for reading these posts over the last year. Just last summer Ellen and I were sitting in her office brainstorming what to call this blog, and how to skin it… It was quite fun. I am so excited about how far it has come so quickly!

As I reflect back on my time at UMD, I find there are a few nuggets of knowledge I want to leave with you all.

  • Know what you want
    • It is easier (and possible…) to be successful when you know what you’re working towards. If you don’t know now, don’t be complacent and assume it’ll come to you. Come visit Career Services. Explore your interests. Informational interview and shadow professional in the fields you’re exploring.
  • Set goals
    • Set goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. Tell people about them. Then they can help hold you to the goals, but also when they know what you’re working on, they’re more willing and able to help. Dream big and set your goals to the moon. You’ll be surprised at what you are capable of.
  • Get involved
    • Get involved with the community and your school. It’s a great way to feel connected, to meet people who could help you one day, to have fun, and to gain experience.
  • Find a mentor
    • Don’t try to do everything on your own. Find someone whom you want to be professionally and ask to be their mentee. They’ll teach you so much…

While I will be embarking on a new amazing life journey, I am also leaving behind a great one. It is bittersweet as I sit in the Career Services office for my final shift… This job has been the best. I have learned so much and grown as a person while holding this position. I might be biased, but I truly believe a Peer Educator for Career Services is the best job anyone could have on campus. There are fabulous people here that I will truly miss.


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