Be Gracious

By: Annie

As I write this final post for my college career, I am working the last hour of my shift at the front desk of Career Services.

Before I had a single college class, I interviewed for this position. This job and this office have been a constant over the past four years while my classes, my friends, and my houses have all changed each year. I cannot help but think back to the girl who walked into that interview and realize how much I too have changed. Lessons learned, friendships made, and milestones reached.

The end of anything can be scary. It can also be exciting. When I am feeling overwhelmed, I think back to what I have learned.

Three of the most important things I have taken in these last four years:

  1. Know what is most important to you and don’t lose sight of it
  2. Use your resources, don’t try to accomplish everything on your own
  3. Be gracious

To those of you with more time here at UMD, cherish it. To my fellow Graduates, congratulations and good luck! I am so grateful for my experience at UMD. I will never forget the people I met or the memories I made.

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