Amp Up Your Job Search

Many of you who are recently graduated seniors are probably in the midst of a job search. It’s not the most fun thing to do when the sunshine and activities of summer are beckoning you to join them. The job search is best tackled as if it were a job. Make yourself have set hours during which you job search and have a list of things you need/want to accomplish during that time period. Having a plan will help you to not wonder aimlessly around the internet looking for jobs to apply for. Today I am giving you a few articles (out of the many that are published by various sources) and resources to help you organize your job search and keep up your motivation.

Gretzky Quote

Other Resources

An awesome thing for UMD alumni is that you can use our services past graduation. We don’t cut off your access to our services and counselors. Feel free to set up an appointment with a career counselor (M-F, 8-4:30pm) for more specific assistance with your job search. Just call 218.726.7985 or stop by Solon Campus Center 22 to make an appointment. Summer is an awesome time to come in because our schedules are much more flexible than during the school year.

*Attention newly minted seniors* (aka: graduating during the 13-14 school year): Summer is a great time to get ready for the job search so that you can work on it throughout your senior year.

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