Career Planning for Business Majors

Are you one of the many students on the UMD campus with a business major? Odds are, you are. Our campus offers an array of business majors ranging from Accounting to Health Care Management to Economics to Marketing Analtyics. We’ve put together a few resources to help you through the career planning process. Included are: what you can do with your major, upcoming career fairs, and general job/intern search information.  Have fun working on your career plan!

Internship Programs – a lot of companies have internship programs that happen every year. We have listings (Minnesota, Regional, National) of some of these companies on our Internships page to get you started.

What Can I do With This Major In... Accounting, Economics, Finance, Human Resource Management, Logistics/Supply Chain, Management, Management Information Systems, Marketing

Business Majors

Read! Read! Read! Know what’s going on in your intended industry. Keeping up with trends and major happenings can be a key part of your networking and job/internship search preparation.

Career Fairs

Other Helpful Career Planning Articles

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