Back to School? Come Visit!

By: Emily

Have you come to visit UMD Career and Internship Services yet?

Stop by Solon Campus Center (SCC) 22 if you are:

  • Looking for a job/internship
  • Trying to figure out your interests and how they might fit into a major
  • Wanting to explore career options
  • Getting ready for upcoming job fairs and/or interviews
  • Wondering about graduate school
  • Wanting to get hired

Office Services

Now is the time to take advantage of some of the support and services we have to offer! In case you are unfamiliar with our office, here are our services in a nutshell:

Professional Career Counseling

Career Counselors are able to see your situation from a unique perspective and can give you guidance. They can show you tools that can make looking for a job or internship here or abroad, a lot easier. Whether you are making decisions about your major, graduate school, or your future career, our counselors can point you to resources that can assist you in navigating those difficult decisions.

StrengthsQuest, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Strong Interest Inventory

These assessments collect and organize data providing you with valuable insight into your own interests, strengths, or personality. StengthsQuest is a 30-minute assessment used to define your top 5 Strengths, or skills that come to you naturally. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a personality assessment developed by psychologists that can help you better understand your own preferences and patterns of behavior, such as how you make decisions and how you gain and maintain energy. Last but not least, the Strong Interest Inventory helps you pinpoint your interests and aligns them with career paths you might be interested in exploring.

Graduate Follow-up Report

Every year, our office calls recent graduates from the UMD and gathers information on where they are and what they are doing. By looking at the report, you can see what graduates are doing with their majors, where they are working and unearth a wealth of knowledge such as employment rates and average annual salaries.

Workshops (Interviewing, Getting Ready for the Job Fair, and Writing Personal Statements)

We provide a variety of free workshops that you can attend! These workshops are facilitated by our Career Counselors and Peer Educators and provide a good opportunity to get questions answered. Visit our events page to see when the next workshop is!

Resume and LinkedIn/GoldPASS Drop-In Hours

Our Career Counselors and Peer Educators are available to help you get started or edit and make suggestions on your already existing resume and LinkedIn and GoldPASS accounts! All drop-in hours run 2-4pm in our office (SCC 22). Stop by with your quick questions.

  • Resume Drop-In Hours (every Tuesday & Wednesday during the academic year)
  • LinkedIn/GoldPASS Drop-In Hours (every Thursday during the academic year)

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