Back from Abroad

Hello All,

Welcome back to UMD, and as always, thanks for tuning into the Career and Internship Services “Peer Into Your Career” Blog! I’m Zach Lyons, and I will be your host for the day… Okay, I’ll drop the TV host act! It truly is great to be back on campus with all the hustle and bustle of classes and activities, and we could not have lucked out with any better weather to kick off Fall semester!

For me in particular, I am extra excited to be back at UMD after spending last Spring studying abroad in London.

Zach with telephone

I had an amazing time in England, and hope you found some valuable information in the blog posts I continued to write. My experiences abroad were that amazing that I am now inspired to spread the word as best I can. I believe every student should have a good understanding of how studying abroad impacts one’s education, career, and ultimately their life. To support this goal, this semester I have become a Global Ambassador for the International Education Office in effort to spread the word on campus and show students the value in these opportunities abroad.

Because of the unique position I am in, being a Peer Educator and former study abroad student, I want to put a focus on how to develop skills from an international education, and in turn, apply those skills to graduation and a successful career. This semester, I will cover career and internship related topics from resumes, cover letters, applications, networking, interviews, and so on, as it applies to returning from a study abroad experience. Ultimately, I want every student to be able to have the same experience I had, because it truly is life changing. The independent skills you develop and the learning you do while abroad is vastly more than any classroom can teach you!

Remember to stop by Career and Internship Services (SCC 22) for all your career needs A-Z, and keep an eye on the calendar for upcoming events, workshops, and drop-in hours!

Until next time,

– Zach

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