Get Noticed

By: Taylor

Through Career & Internship Services I get to see dozens of resumes each week and have an opportunity to critique them. Our office provides pamphlets of advice that we have gathered from employers and the leading professionals. What format is best? What size font? What experiences should I highlight and how? But what if, after making all of the proper adjustments, your resume still isn’t getting through? Many students today are wondering how they aren’t getting even a phone call from an employer when they think they are the perfect candidate and their resume showed that.

Get noticed by employers

Well, the answer to your question may be your method of application, not your resume. Today many companies give you the option of applying online. Needless to say, it is fairly easy (yet time-consuming) to apply this way. In some scenarios, employers are receiving thousands of resumes. They then narrow the resumes down by selecting key words and experiences.

So what is the key to locking down that first interview? Making a connection that isn’t anonymous online is crucial. By networking with professionals on LinkedIn or at job fairs, you increase the chances of your resume getting looked at, ten-fold. This connection is real. This is particularly relevant for those who are interested in a company that doesn’t necessary have any jobs posted. Again, by making that in-person connection, you have made some sort of impression. If it is a good one, your contact may put your resume at the top of the list or even let you in on the open positions that the company isn’t posting online.

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