And It Begins…

By: Andrew

Yeah, we’re all back into the swing of things for the new semester, but when I say “it begins,” I’m really talking about the job and internship search for next summer. It may seem a bit early to be thinking about May and June, but before you know it, that job or internship you have wanted so badly will be gone. So, let’s go through what you need to do in the coming weeks to be ready for applying, interviewing, and landing that job or internship.

First, how’s that résumé look? Existent or non-existent, come see us at Career and Internship Services, where someone like me, a Peer Educator, can look over it with you and help you perfect it. On the other hand, maybe you fall into the other category, which is being without a résumé. In that case, still come to our office! We have all the resources you need to start and finish a résumé. You might be thinking, “They won’t sit there and make one with me?” If you did, you’re right, but don’t worry, we will help you as much as you need once you have a good start on your first résumé. Trust the Peer Educator staff when it comes to making your résumé look great, after all, it is through employer feedback that we create our Career Handbook examples for you to follow.

Second, whom do you want to work for? An easy answer would be, “Anyone that hires me!” Although a fine answer, let’s not be too desperate. You may not see it immediately, but there are more options out there for you than you know of. So, think about a company that you really want to be showing up to bright and early five of the seven days of the week. There are probably a few companies that may seem a bit far-fetched to get hired at, and there may be some that you feel confident to land a job or internship at. So, put a few applications into each of those two categories and see where it takes you.

Third, are you ready for that interview?

We have all probably interviewed for a job in our lives, but most of us probably have not interviewed for an internship or a full-time job. There’s a first time for everything though, so here are some ways to be as ready as possible for your first big interview:

  • Research the organization that you have gotten the chance to interview with.
  • Prepare a list of situations/experiences you have in the past that you could speak to if asked about a time you did something. For example, “Tell me about a time when you did ______.”
  • Practice answering the questions that you think you may be asked.
  • Participate in mock interviews or practice with a friend or family member.

Of course, there are more ways to become ready for an interview, but if you focus on these four, you will have yourself well prepared for your interview.

Lastly, deciding on a position. Chances are that you could end up getting multiple job or internship offers. If you apply to companies that really interest you, you may wind up having a tricky decision ahead of you. So make sure to weigh the pros and cons. Think about where you want to be down the road, not just the next year. Even if you only have one offer at the time, it is always OK to turn down an offer, because not all companies are right for all people.

If you feel like this is a lot to take in, come on down to Career and Internship Services (SCC 22) where we can answer any of your job and internship questions for you!

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