Influencers on How They Hire

By: Taylor

Recently I found a series of posts on LinkedIn that gives professionals a chance to describe how they hire. Many of the writers are CEO’s or business owners that are very influential. Although the page is primarily for recruiters or other hiring managers, a student can find a lot of valuable information when reading about what may make or break an interview and also what businesses are looking for.

Some of the titles include:

  • How I Hire: Find Ballplayers, Not Those Who Look Good in Baseball Caps
  • How I Hire: To Be Great at Hiring, Be Unafraid of Firing
  • How I Hire: Recruiting with a Human Voice
  • How I Hire: With Purpose
  • How I Hire: Stop Telling Me and Start Showing Me
  • How I Hire: It’s Not Just What You Answer, It’s How
  • How I Hire: I Don’t Care Where You Went to School
  • How I Hire: Just Be Yourself

If you want to check it out, the channel is called “Influencers on How They Hire.” I particularly liked posts related to traits that employees were looking for; recurring words included passionate, confident, strategic, and adaptable. The posts were also encouraging when referencing the interview. They spoke about how outfits matter less than we think, the details of our stories are irrelevant in ways, but a glow in the eye signaling passion will land you a job. Tap into the brains of some of the most successful so that you can follow in their footsteps!

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