Why Should I Get Involved on Campus?

By: Ashlee FB

Most college students understand why it is important to get involved in the school community. Our parents, professors, and campus staff encourage us to get involved on campus for many reasons, whether it be to build a solid resume, to form friendships, or to create a sense of belonging. I want to share some of my experiences with being involved on campus and why I feel it has enriched my time here at UMD.

Get Involved on Campus


The relationships I’ve been fortunate enough to form from being involved on campus are priceless. The amount of genuine people on UMD’s campus seems to be endless. A good way to meet them can be through on campus activities. If you don’t feel you are the most outgoing person out there, getting involved may help you meet people who are interested in something similar to you. I remember as a freshman it could be somewhat intimidating walking into a lecture hall filled with people you don’t know. However, it’s easier to start a conversation with someone you know you already have something in common with. It’s never too early to start networking!

Resume Builder

By getting involved on campus, you are making yourself a more attractive candidate for when the time comes to start applying for internships and jobs. Not only will you have added experience, but you will also show initiative. Today, it is so imperative to set yourself apart from other applicants, and a strong resume isn’t necessarily one with the highest GPA, it’s one that shows a well-rounded student. There are many clubs and organizations that promote positive communication skills – the number one skill employers look for! Leadership skills can also be highly developed through on-campus activities, and we all know the added benefits of leadership experience.

UMD Bulldogs

Sense of Community

There are so many awesome activities to be involved in at UMD and this can really bring out your inner school spirit. School spirit is often times thought of as just having to do with athletics. However, you can really find a sense of community through on-campus involvement. The connection you develop with the University can really have an impact on your college experience.

The personal satisfaction that comes with being involved on campus is remarkable.  I so highly recommend getting involved on campus, starting freshman year. We only have four years here, don’t miss out on many of the amazing opportunities UMD has to offer!

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