Being Consistent

By: Hayley

When I took the StrengthsQuest assessment last year and Consistency popped up as one of my top five strengths I was a little confused. The word alone didn’t seem to fit in with the other strengths like achiever or intellection. So I read the definition of the strength:

“People who are especially talented in the Consistency theme are keenly aware of the need to treat people the same. They try to treat everyone in the world with consistency by setting up clear rules and adhering to them.“

That is not what I was expecting the consistency strength to be defined as at all. I had assumed it would be about routine and structure. I have never related the term ‘consistency’ to treating people the same or having clear rules but as I read the more in-depth description of the strength it made sense.


The StrengthsQuest website says that consistent people tend to be bold and straightforward when confronting the opinions of others and when giving their own opinion they tend to describe them in an impartial manner. They can easily see when someone’s views or opinions are having an impact on the way they describe an event or give a presentation. They like to praise people for their accomplishments. They are comfortable initiating debates and they ensure that everyone follows the rules of the debate and respects the opinions of others. The website also states that balance is important to consistent people and that they function best in an environment that is predictable; one that has rules that everyone must adhere to. Overall consistent people like to be fair to everyone and they are upset when things are not fair.

If consistency is one of your top five strengths there are several ways that you can use it in your daily life or in your career.

  • Be aware of the rules that govern your life. Know what they are and be comfortable with them. Consistent people are not rule breakers so being ok with the rules might not matter to you because even if you weren’t ok with them you would still abide by them but knowing what they are will give a better idea of your limits.
  • If someone you work with is doing a good job or has been working really hard on a project acknowledge it. Consistent people strive to give credit where credit is due and simply acknowledging what they did will play into your strength and if you acknowledge someone on a job well done at work you are contributing to a good work environment.
  • Look for jobs where you can enforce rules. Since consistent people like rules so much it makes sense that you might enjoy a job where you can make sure others obey the rules as much as you do.
  • Identify people who have strengths somewhat opposite to your own, like Maximizers.  Consistent people tend not to notice the difference in people because they strive to treat everyone the same but there are cases where it is important to accommodate for the needs of others and those maximizers can help you see those types of differences.

After reading all of this info I have found that the Consistency strength does fit me well and if it came up as one of your strengths I am sure there are at least a few parts that you see in yourself too. Whether it is abiding by the rules, evenly dividing tasks on a group project and calling out anyone who doesn’t pull their own weight, or needing structure in your work environment. Just like with any other strength there are most likely parts of it that don’t fit you and others that do but overall Consistency is a great strength to have.

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