From the Desk of a Peer Educator

By: Zach

Note: This post was written for the UMD Student Life Parent Newsletter. We thought it would be great to post it here, too. Feel free to share it with your parents or other individuals who are a part of your career development process.

In Career & Internship Services at UMD, I am proud to say we truly provide amazing resources for all students and alumni. From A to Z, we offer deciding on a major assistance, resume and cover letter critiquing, career and personality assessments, mock interview tools, graduate school information, and one-on-one appointments with career counselors. With all of these amazing resources and services, our office is the place to be when making post-graduation plans!

With Thanksgiving break fast approaching, many students will be returning home to their families, and they will most certainly be bombarded with the usual questions. Have you selected a major yet? What do you want to do after graduation? Are you going to graduate on time? Would you pass the stuffing? Okay, the last one may not be career related, but the point I am trying to make is that sometimes as students, we feel as though we get asked many questions from friends and family about our life plans, and sometimes we don’t always have the answers. I promise you this, we have direction and we have dreams, it’s just that many of us are still exploring these dreams in hopes of unearthing that diamond in the rough!

If there is any advice you could pass on to your student during the upcoming holiday break, it should be to stop by our office, and use our amazing services and resources. By being actively engaged in their own personal development and exploring career possibilities, they will soon discover their paths. The mission of UMD Career & Internship Services is to empower students and alumni to discover, develop, evaluate, and implement their unique professional goals as they prepare for careers in an evolving global workforce. By doing the small things every day such as getting a resume ready for an internship, working on interviewing skills, or developing strengths through career assessments, students will be building upon the qualities that support lifelong success and happiness!

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