Success After Breakfast

By: Taylor

Last school year I wrote about what the most successful people do before breakfast. I had read a book by Laura Vanderkam that spoke thoroughly on the topic and found it to be quite inspiring. There are many keys in making your entire day productive that start bright and early. A quick revisit of my previous blog posts would remind you to exercise, review your schedule, and allot time for personal and professional growth. So what do these successful people do after breakfast?

Before or after breakfast, an important organization method is to create a “to-do” list. Making a clear list of things you need to do throughout the day will make it easy to prioritize the big items and the small ones. Instead of preoccupying your mind with these tasks, seeing them on paper will help you to think clearly.

Upon getting to work on time (due to your time well spent before dawn), there are a variety of things you can do to have a high-functioning day. By creating a morning routine at the office you will have a consistent method of being productive. For some of the most successful, they begin by touching base with their boss or employees. If the people around you at the office aren’t productive, you won’t be either. Making sure your goals are aligned and are all working toward the same initiatives could take you a long way. Other business leaders take time to themselves to catch up on emails and other messages. Setting aside time to do this is important. If you do this throughout the day like in between meetings, may interrupt your workflow and productivity. Also, Remember that if you start your day off right, it will be your most productive time. Use it to tackle big projects or to hold your most important meetings.

A study published in an American Psychological Association Journal, Emotion, stated that early birds feel healthier and happier than night owls. Begin each day at your best!

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