Sales: Why Are People So Frightened By It?

By: Ashlee FB

Growing up, I was often exposed to the world and the idea of sales. What many people fail to understand, however, is they have been around sales probably more than they realize. When people think about sales, many think about the door-to-door vacuum salesman and the guy receiving commission selling used cars. Think about the pencil you take notes with, the television you watch every night before bed, or the frying pan you use to make breakfast. Those items were all sold at some point. What most people don’t realize is that sales happen all around us, in every industry, every single day. It’s not only physical products that require sales; think about a financial advisor who sells dreams, sustainability advertisements selling ideas, or an entrepreneur selling a goal to his/her company. Sales take place in every sector and many of us fail to see the opportunities this presents.

High-energy work environment

Sales is a highly competitive and challenging career; therefore, high-energy work environments can almost always be expected. Sales is mainly about the relationships established between people. It is also about helping other people achieve their goals and solve their problems by introducing different products or services needed. The competition involved in sales can create innovation and better performance, which, together, can construct an incredibly high-energy work environment.

Potential for high income

Companies need to generate sales to survive. Usually organizations highly reward successful sales people, to ensure they stay in the position and with the organization. As a fundamental part of the source of profit for organizations, it seems appropriate for the salesperson to reap financial rewards. Many sales jobs include excellent salary packages with base salaries, benefits and generous commission schedules, and, unlike most jobs, generally, the harder you work, the more you make.


One of the best perks (in my opinion) in a sales career is that many times you dictate your own schedule. Oftentimes salespeople are able to make their own appointments, and run their own days the way they see fit. As long as they’re producing the results their bosses require, they are able to more or less do what they want.

A good resource to look into is the Graduate Follow-up Report put together by our office every year. It does a wonderful job of breaking down majors into very specific categories, such as where to find jobs, pay, etc. You might be surprised at how many jobs there are in sales, throughout a wide variety of majors. Check it out!

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