Meet Glen

We are introducing a few new blog authors this week. Woo! First up, Glen.

Name: Glen

Majors: Psychology and Theatre

Year in School: Junior

Length of Time Working at Career & Internship Services: First Semester

Favorite Place in Duluth: Enger Tower. The wind is always stronger up at the top of the tower. It is exhilarating!

Favorite Hobby: Connecting with people. “How is that a hobby?” one might ask.  Well, 90% of my leisure activities revolve around sharing my time. Whether it is traveling, talking, gaming, watching, playing, or working, you will find me doing just that, as long as there are connections being made.

Best Career Advice You’ve Ever Received: “Pick something and let it take you wherever it leads.”

Career Advice for Other Students: Look at answer to previous question. Do you have a wide range of interests? A relatively small range of interests? It doesn’t matter. Find some type of work that looks interesting, and go from there.

Since we don’t have a photo of Glen yet for the blog, here’s a photo of the view from his favorite place in Duluth, Enger Tower. Photo by: Ellen

Enger Tower

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