Career Resources for Veterans

By: Ashley

Today’s blog post is a special one; in this post I am going to highlight some key resources we have available for veterans at Career & Internship Services, and some helpful general tips for veterans. Here at our office we are so grateful for what our veterans have done and what our soldiers are currently doing. We are so glad that we can in turn provide you all with career assistance when you need it. In this post I am going to touch on helpful resume tips for vets, some helpful sites that I have found that help veterans find employment, and a few key points from my fellow blogger Taylor’s post from last year.

Resources for Vets

I recently read through an article by Luke Roney about resume tips for vets and it had some very helpful tips. Some key things to keep in mind when constructing a resume is to remember that you want the employer to understand what your qualifications and skills are so keep it easy to read and remove any military “jargon” because chances are your interviewer/future employer isn’t going to understand it. You are also going to want to not just include your hard skills, but your soft skills as well. As valuable as being able to speak another language is, being able to work as a team and communicate with others are skills that are just as important. Roney also suggested making your resume relevant to the position you are seeking, so don’t use the same generic resume for all positions. Roney also said to build your resume to include all the necessary information as well as to construct a cover letter.

Some other sites that I found helpful are highlighted in 6 Online Resources for Veterans Seeking Jobs, an article by Sharlyn Lauby, which she also gives a rundown of the key features of each of these websites.

Last year a post was written by Taylor and she mentioned some very key things that we do ourselves for veterans right in our office. These things include career assessments that can help you discover your passion and combined with an interpretation with one of our career counselors, can help put you onto a path towards achieving a job that you are passionate about. Taylor also mentioned networking and what she said is true, we can help prepare you for job fairs, and even put you in contact with people in our very own network of employers.

So please feel free to stop on in to Career & Internship Services which is located in Solon Campus Center 22 and we will help you in all stages of your journey towards finding that career you are passionate about. We can help you chart your journey and get you on your way towards achieving your goals.

Other Helpful Resources:

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