Importance of Multi-Skill Development

By: Michael

In recent posts, I’ve talked about how I chose my major as well as why you should be an accounting major. Today, I’m going to tell you the benefits of having an additional major/minor (even one that may seem unrelated to your field). If you’ve taken the time to read my bio, you know that I’m an Accounting and Philosophy double major with a minor in English. Now, it is arguable that Philosophy and English is the best option for a pre-law track and there is a surprising amount of overlap between Accounting and Pre-Law. It’s funny because I didn’t realize the cross-over until after selecting them. There’s also a reason that your university requires you to take generals or liberal education requirements; to develop a broad understanding of different skills and fields. Many students don’t realize that by gridlocking themselves into a single major or area of study can put you at a disadvantage when you begin your job search.

There are all kinds of supplemental studies you can do to make your education qualifications stand out more. A study in applied ethics can directly support a degree in business, social sciences, and even medicine! Also, a minor in English can help your writing skills and a minor in communications can help in any field. At UMD, I have been a writing tutor for the past two semesters which seems to be both unusual and intriguing to both my peers and interviewers. Often times people are surprised that an accounting major tutors writing as if I’m out of my realm, but the truth is, you’re going to be using writing no matter what field you go into and that’s just a fact. It’s too often that I get students from the other colleges that need help with writing because either their major didn’t provide enough training or they didn’t put forth the initiative to develop their skills. Try not to be the person who makes up the excuse that your major is too time consuming to add a minor or do additional course work, that’s old news and there are plenty of students who can attest to the possibility of doing a double major in two different fields and still graduate in four years. Don’t be afraid to broaden your horizons, the more you’re open to expanding your knowledge the better it will be in the long run.

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