Forget the Resume???

By: Hayley

I recently came across article, “Forget the Resume! Why a Focus on Social Media Footprint Wins” by Hannah Morgan on The Savvy Intern blog and it has some really useful information that you could use in your job search. The article discusses the importance of maintaining your social networking sites and how this can benefit you when you are applying for jobs. In the article the author really downplays the importance of your resume. According to the author many employers believe that resumes are misleading. They often make you look better or worse then you actually are and for this reason many employers don’t pay as much attention to your resume. They may use it to determine whether you possess the experience that is necessary for the job, but other than that they may not pay attention to what else is on your resume. While this may be true, it is still important that you have a resume that is polished and represents you in a good way. It is one of the first things that the employer sees and if your resume is below par they may pass on you entirely.

Despite the resume bashing, this article does make an excellent point though; more and more employers are looking at social media to evaluate their candidates. They want to know what kind of a person you are, how you spend your time, and what you think about. Your social media accounts offer a great insight into you, but if your sites are not professional or have pictures or posts that are not flattering it could prevent you from being offered an interview. My best advice for this is pay attention to everything that you put on your sites and anything you are tagged in and take down anything that portrays you in a negative way. It’s great to have pictures of yourself having fun with your friends and it’s better to keep the pictures that you are not so proud of off your sites. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is excellent and build your network as much as you can. Also, maintain a Twitter account by following a variety of people if your preferred industry and contribute to the conversation. The more active you are on your social networking sites the more the employer can learn about you. You want to be remembered, for good reasons, and if there is nothing on the social sites except your profile they can’t tell much about you. All of these social sites are fun and easy to set up so use them to your advantage.

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